The past two months felt like nothing I ever want to feel again. On one hand the inner work that I discovered about myself was worth every day but being away from friends and family was horrible.

It’s frightening how the government can control your life in seconds with a snap of a finger. How fear can consume your every thought so badly that you got programmed to hoard toilet paper. And the worst thing I noticed is people became afraid of each other so much so that the simple act of touch does not exist anymore.

Be A Dream Chaser

Will life as we knew it ever be the same? No, things needed to change in so many ways. What did I learn? That nature is so incredibly powerful both to harm and to heal us. That life will have its ups and downs but it’s up to US to have control of how we react to it.

Life will always be about love. Follow your dreams and chase the things you love. Be a Dream Chaser.