I’ll tell you this, the dream place/state is amazing. It’s there where you can speak your mind and do what you want to do. It’s the place for release and healing.

The sub-conscience mind works in ways that are so complicated and it’s still a mystery to us. We do know that on some level, our dreams help us work through issues that we need answers for in our lives. It’s also a place for messages, visits from our past loved ones and from our pets, and just a place to escape to when I conscience mind gets overloaded.


For example, let’s say that you are mad at someone. There are things that you can stay out loud and there are definitely things you cannot say out loud. The great thing about dreams is that you can say ANYTHING YOU WANT to someone … and hope that you’re in a dream. I say that last part because those of us who are lucid dreamers, our dreams are VERY real.

So last night I got a whole lot off my chest with no regrets.